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Handmade Popiah Skin Specialist since 1958

Delivery option is available for min. order of $35, delivery charges applies


Signature Popiah

Made with the freshest and most delicious ingredients

Signature Popiah

Made with the freshest and most delicious ingredients

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Listed in the Singapore Michelin Guide with a "Michelin Plate"

Good cooking: Popiah packed with ingredients including eggs, shrimp, carrot, peanuts etc. provide a rich and varied taste.

It’s perhaps because of the freshly-made skins that make this one of the best popiahs I’ve had in Singapore. It was well-wrapped and I could eat the entire roll without the skin breaking and the ingredients falling out.

Order Instructions

  • Delivery option is available with min. of $35 spend. Delivery charge of $10-$20 depending on area applies for all deliveries.
  • For delivery to office buildings/condos, customers are required to collect the delivered items from the guardhouse security/ reception due to stringent security controls. Our delivery man will contact the recipient prior to your delivery
  • We do NOT deliver to restricted areas (i.e Naval Base, Camps, Airport, Tuas and Jurong Island)
  • We do not provide cutlery such as plates, forks and spoons. Chopsticks available upon request.
  • Submitting of order does not mean the order is confirmed, you will receive another confirmation email. Do whatsapp us at 81894699 if you did not receive a confirmation email after 24 hours.

Kueh Pie Tee


How to wrap a Popiah


  1. Place 2 Popiah skin on a flat surface with 1/3 of the skin overlapping one another. (Smoother surface at the bottom)


  1. Take 1 tablespoon of sweet sauce and spread evenly across the skins
  2. Optional - Spread 1/2 teaspoon of garlic garnish and/or 1/2 teaspoon of chili on top of the sweet sauce


  1. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of peanuts evenly on top of the base sauce
  2. Add a small handful of lettuce
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of egg and 1 tablespoon of crispy bits
  4. Take a spoonful of turnip, drain the excess liquid by pressing it against another fork/spoon and place it evenly across the popiah.
  5. Repeat step 7.
  6. (Do note that popiah filling shall be heated over the induction cooker, or microwave till it is hot.)


  1. Fold the left and right sides of the popiah skin inwards, fold the bottom of the popiah skin away from you to cover the ingredients, lightly but firmly compress the contents before rolling it up
  2. Use a sharp knife and cut the popiah into 5 equal parts

Side Notes:
To keep the skin fresh until consumption, do not expose it to the air. Wrap a clean damp cloth over the popiah skin while having the popiah party. For any unfinished popiah skin, keep it in an airtight container/ziplock (or simply tighten the plastic bag) and store it in the freezer. Remove from freezer and defrost at least 1-2 hours before consumption. Should the skin remains tough, wrap a clean damp cloth over it for 30 minutes.
*Adjust accordingly as per preference
**Adding excessive ingredients will tear the delicate popiah skin